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Science and Foundation

Foundation Studies (Engineering and Science)

Curtin Sarawak offers foundation courses that prepare students for undergraduate study. They also challenge students to become active learners who can acquire, interpret, communicate and apply knowledge within and across disciplines to cultivate the integrated thinking required in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Why Foundation Studies?

  • Low student-lecturer ratio in classrooms
  • Academic support in the form of additional Teaching & Learning workshops, tutorials and mentorship with lecturers
  • Modern, diversified teaching methods: workshops, introduction to research methods, modern laboratory projects, group projects, oral and multimedia presentations
  • Advanced technological support: library, well-equipped laboratories, ample supplies of learning materials and internet access
  • Highly qualified and dedicated academic staff

Foundation studies include two semester and three semester courses in Foundation Engineering and Science. The courses are aimed at developing academic diligence, critical analysis, and a raft of generic skills in students. They provide a solid foundation for the students to adapt to university education more confidently, both in terms of level and style of education.

Admission requirements

Applicants are required to meet the University’s minimum level of entry and must demonstrate competence in English by meeting the Curtin English Language requirement. Credit towards a Curtin qualification may be granted to applicants with qualifications from other accredited educational institutions.

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